[Season1] Announcement from OGN Apex production team

On 12th of October, Taimou (Team Envyus) made a lewd comment directed at the OGN interviewer in twitch chat. In response to Taimou’s inappropriate behaviours, OGN has decided to punish the player as follows:


1.    Punishment: One (1) warning and revocation of the fight money on Friday

2.    OGN rules regarding sexual harassment

-      8. 2.3. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be considered as a sexual harassment if the other person does not feel comfortable with the sexual advances or sexually offensive acts against the other person. Sexual intimidation, coercion, sexual behavior and practices that promise the price is never acceptable and Organizers will penalize for any of these actions.

3.    OGN rules regarding penalties:

-      8.5. Types of Penalties

Organizers will impose the following penalties when caught.

8.5.1. Verbal warning

8.5.2. Caution

8.5.3. Warning (when two (2) Cautions are accumulated)

8.5.4. Lose the right to choose the side from this game or later games

8.5.5. Lose the right to ban or choose the map from this game or later games

8.5.6. Fines or confiscation of prize

8.5.7. Forfeit the Game

8.5.8. Forfeit the Match

8.5.9. Suspension

8.5.10. Disqualification

Multiple violations against the regulation can lead to suspension of future tournaments or disqualification. Penalties will always be linked to the severity of the infraction, with the tournament organizers having the ultimate discretion to apply a proportional consequence


Taimou and his team have apologized multiple times to the interviewer about his inappropriate behaviour.  

OGN will carry out a formal education session to make sure the teams abide by the rules and sportsmanship.