[2016 ‪#‎LCK‬ Spring Ticket Information]

[2016 ‪#‎LCK‬ Spring Ticket Information]
1. Tickets available on Ticketlink
2. Schedule:
1) Tickets for Wednesday available from Monday 6PM KST 
2) Tickets for Thursday available from Monday 7PM KST
3) Tickets for Friday available from Tuesday 6PM KST
4) Tickets for Saturday available from Tuesday 7PM KST
3. Ticket Price: 
You can buy up to 4 tickets per day
1) On 2 matches day: 5,000 KRW per Person
2) On 1 match day: 2,000 KRW per Person
*Tickets are purchasable until 5PM KST of the match day. You can also buy cancelled seats/remaining seats on-site