[H/S Masters S2] Round 16 Match up

16강 전체 매치업_00059.jpg

* Broadcast begins 7PM KST/ 6PM CST / 3AM PDT
'OGN Hearthstone KR-CN Masters'
OnGameNet's <KR-CN Hearthstone Masters> tournament is back for Season 2!! We being the action starting with the Round of 16 on Monday, September 1st at 7PM KST. The total prize pool is $54,000, where 16 elite players, 8 from each region - will compete with each other; the winner will go home with $20,000!

The matches will be a Best of 5, where the player has to prepare 9 decks from 3 or more different classes. One of those decks will be chosen to be played for Set 1 - the winner continues to play with the same deck, while the loser has to choose a deck from a different class. Winners of the Round of 16 will compete in later rounds according to identical rules: players are forbidden from using multiple decks of a single class in a single match. The finals will be a Best of 7.

But wait, there's more! On Thursday, October 2nd, we will decide who gets to go to BlizzCon!!

The 1st and 2nd place finishers from Season 1 will compete against the 1st and 2nd place finishers of Season 2 in Best of 7 matches. Two of the four players will make their way to Anaheim, California this November where representatives of NA, EU, KR/CN and other regions will compete for the title of World's Best Hearthstone Player!
Ro16 - Sept 1 (Mon) to Sept 4 (Thurs) - 19:00 KST/18:00 CST
Quarterfinals - Sept 15 (Mon) and Sept 16 (Tues) - 19:00 KST/18:00 CST
Semifinals - Sept 29 (Mon) - 19:00 KST/18:00 CST
Finals and Award Ceremony - Sept 30 (Tues) - 19:00 KST/18:00 CST
BlizzCon Qualifiers - Oct 2 (Thurs) - 19:00 KST/18:00 CST